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Two People Singing, a.k.a. 2PS, a.k.a. 2PplSngN, a.k.a. Mike & Laura…

2PSBandHi, I’m Mike!

I have been playing music since I was five years old. I picked up the guitar just over ten years ago and began teaching myself how to play. When I moved to Arizona in 2008, I was lucky enough to meet Laura Hamlin and the rest, as they say, is history. We began singing together the first night we met and have yet to stop. Over the years I have been involved in many different projects but Two People Singing has always been one of them. We are continuously adding new songs to our repertoire and striving to be the most professional duet for hire in the Valley. For more information on myself, visit www.MrMal.com or come see us sing some songs!

Hello there, I’m Laura!0474_2015m+d

I have loved and pursued music for most of my life; joining the school chorus at age 8 and starting piano at age 10. I picked up guitar around age 29 (better late than never!) and shortly after that, met Mike. We’ve had great chemistry since day 1 and have been singing together ever since. I am now involved in many different projects and have been honored to work, record and perform with local groups such as Scattered Melodies, Ruca Music, Mr. Mal Trio (Mike’s band) and am now in the planning stage for my own recording project due out next year. Although bo
th of us are working on other projects, Mike and I have always made our dedication to Two People Singing a priority. We love to play together and are honored to have performed for the many amazing people we have met over the years! Thanks for listening and for your interest in us!


Hope To See You Soon!

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